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The traditional guesthouse "scrubs" (Horst <arch. <Lechomai <lie - rest) is ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. The traditional architecture of the guest house combines stone and wood, blends with the unique natural beauty of the area.

Located near the center of Trikala Elati Village, just 80 meters from the square and at the same time, the boundaries of the forest.

It has 8 rooms in different colors cozy, warm in winter and cool in summer, furnished with timeless wooden furniture and panoramic views of the village or forest views.

Each room has:

• Fireplace (unlimited free wood),
• heating,
• separate bathroom - hairdryer,
• TV plasma,
• mini bar and
• Wi-Fi.

In addition, the hostel offers a comfortable and beautiful reception area where a rich breakfast (free) with traditional delicacies Ms Helen and unlimited beverages throughout the stay.

In the comfort of the rooms, the pleasant atmosphere, the warm ambience and breathtaking scenery, we wish you a fantastic stay at Elati Trikala !

Elati Trikala Pertouli

Phone: 2231039517

Phone: 6978400567

Email: info@loxmi.gr